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Cantina 15: Apocalypse


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The Galaxy is in turmoil:

Lord Cracken, son of the emperor, is dead, and the Imperial Remnant threatens to tear itself apart. Meanwhile, the Heloki have been unleashed, and the Prophecies of the Blood Scrolls are close to coming to pass...



Coruscant, Waste Reclamation Facility


*Deac, after hours of searching, is surprised to come across a garbage dump as the source of the voice telling him to come closer.*


Deac: This is it. I've finally snapped. After everything.


*The voice speaks once again in his head, tiny in timbre, but suddenly crystal clear.*


Voice: Are you the only one left?


*Something coalsces in the air in front of Deac, shimmering like fog.*


Voice: The guardians of peace and justice are turning on each other. While friends parry friends' blows, the world eats itself. Soon now. Too soon. Almost too late to stop.


*The pearly mist drifts, one moment appearing almost humanoid, the next switching to a form more indeterminate.*


Voice: Once I destroyed planets with a snap of my fingers. Now with you, I will redeem myself. Oh, and I have waited for this, Deac Starkiller. I have waited for a very long time.


*Deac draws back and ignites his one remaining lightsaber*


Deac: I hope I don't disappoint.

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((Thanks, Wildstar! You beat me to it.


Not a bad opening, Deac, but you did forget BD's stuff, as I'm sure he'll point out if he pops his head in here. ;)))


Coruscant, Waste Reclamation Facility


Voice: Are you going to attack me? Well... if that's what you want. It won't do you or I much good. Not that much of anything you people does you lots of good. Still, we can't do much to hurt each other. I've long been beyond any being's touch. Except Hers, of course.

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Coruscant, Waste Reclamation Facility


*Deac is clearly taken aback by this. He keeps his lightsaber drawn, but moves into a more passive stance*


Deac: I can't touch you? Must suck, being insubstantial.


*Deac deactivates [i love that word, I always want to read it as DEAC-tivate] his lightsaber*


Deac: What do you want from me then, if you're not out to kill me?

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((WTF. I've had problems accessing this website for the past week or so, and when I try it from another computer it works just fine. SIGH.


For the record, I've always read it was "Deek".


P.S. reply to PtH, Deac!


EDIT: Erk, sorry Scar, I'll get to Tatooine ASAP.))


Coruscant, Waste Reclamation Facility


Voice: Must 'suck'? You have no idea. What it's like to have no body, you mean. It's been hard to keep the world in focus... no, not world, worlds. Worlds without number. Dizzying. You lose focus. You lose all understanding. Forget how to see, hear, touch, speak. I don't doubt I would've dissolved into a sea of stardust, floating mindlessly around the universe for eternity, if not for...


You want to know what I want? Redemption. I want to save the galaxy. And I'm going to use you to do it. Why you? Because you won't - you can't - say no. You are psychologically incapable of refusing to save the galaxy, of turning down the chance to be a champion. That's what I mean when I say I know you, Deac Starkiller. I know you're going to say yes.

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*Deac holsters his lightsaber*


Deac: Why? Why should I accept?


*Deac ponders this to himself for a moment*


Why is it? I always seem to do it. Is it because I saw half my world burn at the hands of the Empire, not once, but twice? Is it because I think I owe an alien god that saved me from becoming another laboratory experiment? Or is it because...*he remembers a blue haired young woman from a long time ago*...that I owe it to her. I "think all of the above" probably covers it.


Deac: Alright, you want to save the galaxy, and you want me to help. It won't be my first time. I'll help you, but you're going to need to tell me who you are, what's threatening the galaxy, and how we're going to save it.

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Unla Shardes System, orbit Gas Giant 1, Helix-6 construction site


*The view was specatular, the enomious structure ment to appear as a figure 8. Made from metal found a mile underneith the surface of the colonial planet. When activated the structure creates a wormwhole from both openings. One was ment outgoing from this system. One coming from the Alpha Centauri system.


Talon grined at the opertunities that would outcome of this. He sat in the rear of the shuttle craft as it steamed onward to it's destination. The HQ of the contruction efforts rested on a smaller orbital platform tethered to the central platform that connected, what would in time, be the two vast openings. Large enough to send battle cruisers through...


Talon winced as a sharp pain in his mind enteres. No. It can't be...*


Behomoth *telepathically* 'I find it quite insteresting to find you in this neck of the universe, and I thought I got away from you. Wait, wasn't you who threw me into an oblivion? Good thing I still had my support system...'


Talon *replying back* 'Quiet. It's none of your business how I'm here, or what I'm doing here. Stay out of my mind.'


Behomoth 'It's your fault in the first place. You made me, rather you made Davin. And he shared a piece of your, what was, human soul...'


Talon 'I said quiet!'


Behomoth 'Touchy. You still trying to get that back? The man in the white suit meat you again? All your power, and you're still a silly sod.'


*Talon shakes his head hard. And forces the pain away. Bastard, he thought, the excuse for invading my thoughts, only becuase we had once shared a human soul. They're both demons. Full blood. Vicious, killing monsters. And for how meny hundreds of years? Pathetic how Behomoth carries on.*


"If he's here, then how long has he been here? Does he know whats out there that I might be able to expect? No. I don't expect him to be. I'll have to arrange another meeting with my old friend..."

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EDIT: Erk, sorry Scar, I'll get to Tatooine ASAP


((damn, almost 4 mounts and counting. I wonder what it means when you say i'll do it eventually...


btw: you all suck. :p

i've desided that I need to break reality, cus why? it sucks.

Kyle: post again.))


Tatoonie: Basement Lounge


*Behomoth rubs his temples, the strain causes a little irritation for himself as well. But it surprised him that Talon would find his way out here in this universe. Where ever it was he was lurking. Apparently controlling an empire on Earth and the Solar System wasn't good enough.


Behomoth wondered if Talon ran into that man in the white suit again.*


behind behomoth "Tell me there demon? Looks of you, you needs some medicine..." *refering to the apparent headache


Behomoth "Sung'chi, can it. Don't you have something better to do? What's the news on more contracts. My wallet hasn't been getting enough attention as of late."


Sung'chi "Was about to head down myself. But I wasn't going to go down and tell you about it. You seemed not interested as of late. You are an assasin aren't you?"


Behomoth "Well since I did that mission with the military-man, and got a little bit of a licking from that, what do they call em, Jedi... I haven't had the need to go into the inner sector." He stands up from his seat and heads to the elevator to the lower level.


"There better be some decent work..."

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Heh... well, I've returned to the Forum after my six month stint of trying to pretend I didn't want to be here (been like six months since I came back, too... interesting...), so I'm around... though I'm not sure exactly what's going on with any of my characters at the moment...


Congrats on the graduation :)

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Huh. I suppose I should ask the obvious: Anyone interested in continuing? I am, but only if a majority of the old players are... :)


I was supposed to spin up an apocalypse in this thread. I'm sure I can still oblige. (And, if anyone's interested in helping out with it, we could do that too! A co-apocalypse?)


(Yes, I know that I should be talking about this in the discussion thread, but that's silly if we don't end up starting the thread again. And with my magical mod powers of magicalness, I can always move it there.)

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