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Which cheats might I use?


What code would you use?  

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  1. 1. What code would you use?

    • Feats?
    • Skills?
    • Items?
    • All of them!
    • Cheaters never win, and winners never cheat, unless you're talking politics.

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In KOTOR, I'm still on Taris and am getting a bit frustrated. If I had gone along the way with lots of credits then I could fix all the droids for more experience.


Some codes are atStar Wars Knights, Gamefaqs has much more codes than I've seen elsewhere. This is a list of the effects of cheats that I will use:



give money

Gives 100 Advanced Repair Kits

Gives 100 computer spikes.

Sets Awareness Skill Level

Sets Computer Use Skill Level

Sets Demolitions Skill Level

Sets Persuade Skill Level

Sets Repair Skill Level

Sets Security Skill Level

Sets Stealth Skill Level

Sets Treat Injury Skill Level

setstrength # (change your strength)

setdexterity # (change your dexterity)

setconstitution # (change your constitution)

setintelligence # (change your intelligence)

setwisdom # (change your wisdom)

setcharisma # (change your charisma)

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Is this your first playthrough? I never cheat on the first playthrough, but it is up to you.


To me high strength makes the game extremely easy. Demolition, Security, Computer skills are all important and used often. Careful you can easily make the game very boring by setting these too high. Without cheating there are enough levels and things to buy and sell that by the end of the game your PC will be swimming in credits and still have more equipment than you could ever use.


I would say none, but since that isn’t a choice I’ll say items. There are items that increase your skill and you can easily remove them if the game gets too easy.

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I agree with mimartin. I do not cheat the very first play through. However if you are going to cheat, use the Kotor Savegame Editor.



Gotta agree about KSE. It's SOOOOOOO much better and much LESS time consuming than typing in those cheats. I didn't cheat till almost the end of my first play on KOTOR. After 40+ hours, it felt like it was dragging a bit. Even when I did start cheating with the codes, it was only b/c I didn't bother to see what KSE really was. Sooooo much wasted time. :(


Btw, don't forget to get the KotOR 1 Fixed Cutscene Files for KSE to place in your OR folder or bad things might happen.

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