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Star Wars: Knights of the Galactic Alliance


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Timeline: 1,000 ABY, the Sith are few and the Galactic Allaince is flourishing, the Empire has been defeated for good. Suddenly rumors spread across the plantes of a return of the Sith and that all supporters of the Galactic Alliance will secede or be destroyed. This instilled fear in the planets of Corellia, Utapau, Sullust, and Kamino. These vital planets now have amabassadors looking for the leader of this new Sith. The Alliance has started puttting massive resources to work at making an army again. As they slowly start to build an army, the Sith strike in a vast number taking the very heart of production, Kuat. The Galactic Alliance could not defend itself as the Sith slowly encroached on its planets. The Alliance barely stands a chance. The Jedi and any others who are willing to fight are its only hope.


Applications must be serious. I will not take names that are unlike Star Wars and you must be willing to RP seriously.




Name: (Must be serious)


Species:(Must be of Star Wars origin, no extinct species)


Age:(Must be according to your species)




Description: (Five sentences or more, or a pic)


Background:(Atleast a paragraph)


Weapons:(At the max, you can have two.)


Ship:(Must be reasonable, PM if you want to command something big.)


Alliance: (Either Sith, Jedi, Galactic Alliance Army or Navy, Sith Army or Navy, Mercenary)


Rank:(You must PM me if you want to be above a Captain in the Navy, or a Commander in the Army, above a Jedi Knight, or above a Sith Knight. Mercenaries do not have ranks same goes for Bounty Hunters.)




1. It can be rated R, but put it at the top of your post. If you wish to have any sort of intercourse, do not go into detail.


2. No Godmoding, Name Stealing, or Powerplaying.


3. If you wish to be a relative of another player, ask them first.


4. No cannon names.


5. NEVER flame someone outside of RP.



(Example of a Profile. This is my personal character for the RP.)


Name: Selvin Lark A.K.A Darth Varum


Species: Near-Human/Unknown


Age: 30


Gender: Male




Background: Selvin Tark was born to an unknown Sith and a Jedi Knight on Korriban. Selvin's parents were executed and he was nearly aswell, until that is a Sith Master stopped his execution to measure his mid-chlorions. They were well above average of a normal Force Sensitive. The Master put him into training. After twenty-two years of training he was a full fledged Sith Knight. From there he advanced in rank.


Weapons: Dual Doubble-bladed Lightsabers, red in color.


Ship: In Command of the Flagship the Blackhammer


Alliance: Sith


Rank: Dark Lord of the Sith

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Name: Luther Magnus


Species: Human


Age: 38


Gender: Male


Description: Luther is a tall man with broad shoulders and a muscular build. He has icy blue eyes and short light brown hair. His face looks to be chizled out of stone with a scar going from his temple curving around to his chin.


Background: Luther Magnus was born into a high class family heaviliy involved in the Military. His older brother is in the army, his younger brother just joined the Navy, he himself in the Navy. He was instilled with good morals, a sense of honour and duty and a passion for doing what is right.


Weapons: Blaster pistol which is always seen strapped to his hip. and Blaster rifle, which is rarely seen on him, but if the need is there he can and will use it.


Ship: The Wolverine, Corvette class battleship.


Alliance: Galactic Alliance Navy


Rank: Captain

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Name: Coartin


Species: Nautolan


Age: 33


Gender: Male


Description: 339pxnautolannegasbn4.th.jpg


Background: Coartin lived on Sistooine until he was 19 where he went to Yavin IV to train to be a Jedi. He was being trained by Master Alise. He later didn't need a trainer, but couldn't be come a jedi yet.


Weapons: Green lightsaber, rocket launcher


Ship: 3-person starfighter


Alliance: Jedi


Rank: Jedi Padawan

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Name: Cortosis

Species: Ubese


Age: 18


Gender: Male


Description: Ubese%20Armor.jpg[/img]


Background: This Ubese Armor wearer has been incapacitated many times, one time, enough to lose most of his memory. HE still remembered where he was, why, and who was guiding him. But, the Incapacitator was in fact, himself. He was born to Ubese-Force User, Jen Tarrik, and an Unknown-Father. He left his home at the age of 13, a Mercenary was there for a bounty, caught the child-Cortosis, and got back onto his ship. He injected a memory-killing poison, and counted his Midi-Chlorians. He figured out that this child was capable of becoming one of the most FEARED bounty hunters ever, and trained him with a Cortosis Blade, thus getting the name. After that, he found a trunk on the ship with the name or moniker: Lord Ubesian. He found a pick-lock, and opened the trunk carefully, he had found his cousin's Ubese armor. He met up with his cousin on Bespin on a mission of getting a Cortosis-Blade melted into a Carbonite Block. His cousin recognized him and asked,"Do you know me?" He replied yes, looking at the Scar on the other's left temple, going down to the top of his cheek. He then teamed up with his cousin and became Scout-Assassins. He is currently under the alias: Jrask Kyhhle Krayt.

Weapons: An DC-15 on his back and a Cortosis Vibroblade on his back also. It creates the shape of the Jolly Roger.

Ship: A Skipray Blastboat, Purple and Green.


Alliance: Sith Navy


Rank: Lt. of Kyyhle's Dawn

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Name: Carth Demostrata


Species: Human


Age: 20


Gender: Male


Description: Fairly tall Human male, about 6 ft. Long blonde hair, falls to about the elbows when arms are to the side. Fair complexion with blue eyes. Relativly thin, appears to weigh about 150 lbs. or so.. Has light brown beard covering face.


Background: Lived on Corellia until age of 5.taken to the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin IV to be trained in the ways of the force. Has high midiclorian count and is strong with the Force. disorganized and headstrong, yet patient and wise... In a manner of speaking. Prefers diplomacy to a pitched-battle, but isn't afraid to fight it out when nesesary.


Weapons: Green dual-phase lightsaber, and an aging E-11 blaster rifle


Ship: The Aurulia, Pinnace on loan from a friend. (max pass. 4, 3 in comfort)


Alliance: Jedi

Rank: Jedi Knight (recently aquired rank, yet to take on padawan)

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Name: Rolhy Daggen


Species: Clawdite


Age: 24


Gender: Male


Description: image.php?bf99efe15e.jpg


Background: Abandoned by his father (who joined the Sith) when he was ten, Rolhy has led a life of a mercenary, drifting from battle to battle. Due to his Clawdite skills, he is almost never without a job - however, because of his weakness for fighting for lost causes and being driven by his emotions rather than reason, he has never amassed much of a fortune.


Rolhy has recently been traveling the spacelines, still looking for hire to the highest bidder. As the war against the Sith began, however, he started to look beyond the conflict as an opportunity to gain some credits. He is disturbed by the choice he has ahead of him: fighting for the Republic, and trying to uphold its government; or taking up with the Sith, and fighting for domination with his long-lost father at his side.


Weapons: BlasTech T-21 Light Repeating Rifle, small vibrodagger.


Ship: The Bloody Talon, a TransGalMeg "Kihraxz" Assault Fighter


Alliance: Mercenary


Rank: N/A

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Deklik Mukak

Species: Dug

Age: 27

Height: 4'7"

Eyes: muddy brown

Gender: Male

Bio: An odd Dug with the ability to use the force, Deklik Mukak is truly a disgusting creature. All of his life has been devoted to greed and treasure, looking in the worst, most disgusting places for it. Deklik Mukak has gained many skills in his travels, including being able to use a lightsaber and the force, and his techniques are...unorthodox. Even though he loves to find it, Deklik Mukak is a terrible judge of value and will carry away junk more often than the treasure.


Abilities: Force Abilities like force grab, force push, pull, and run. Is a mixture of good in bad, since he is self tought. He also has force choke, force float.

Fighting with a lightsaber (really cool, unorthodox because he can switch between hands and feet), stealth and stealing (but no identification skills lol), unarmed combat, Podracing, Dug dash, and blaster dogfighting.



Double sided purple lightsaber

Blaster pistol




Disgusting rags


Alliance: Neutral, just out for greed

Rank: Treasure hunter

Ship: The Rustler, with rust blaster


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Sakar Demkash


Species: Zabrak

Age: 26

Height: 7'9"

Eyes: Yellow from corruption

Gender: Male

Description: Image:WolfShazen.jpg

Background: Sakar was born on his parents ship The Mysterious. Both of his parents were Jedi. At the age of three, Sakar began his training with the Jedi. He was very powerful in the Force and very arragent. At the age of twelve, he stole his parents YT-2000 and flew to Korriban. (His father had tought him how to fly at an early age.) He then trained in the ways of the Sith and created two new sabers. He progressed until he became a Sith Knight.

Weapons: Dual single bladed crimson sabers.

Ship:YT-2000 The Mysterious It has been modified and has two heavy blaster cannons, one on top, and one attached to the bottom of the cockpit.

Alliance: Sith

Rank: Sith Knight

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