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Knights of the force


What do you think about Knights of the Force?  

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  1. 1. What do you think about Knights of the Force?

    • Can't wait to see it!
    • The Ultimate Mod
    • Demo Pwns
    • Website is cool
    • I don't give a care on what other people say, Knights of the Force isn't fake.
    • Its a Hoax
    • It's never gonna release
    • Big Fake
    • Knights of the Force is a Hoax
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wtf is this guys problem, I post reply on his KOTF site how many times, and he won't put my message up. Can't he take any criticism?, I only post "what is the delay?" When you look at all the messages its all oh great mod and whatever but have they actually seen the mod? no. All those messages are probably fake too.

i can't even post on that forum! lol! this dude is a tool, straight up! what can you do though you know. i say go and give support to the guys who are doing honest mods. they truly deserve it because they do it for the love of the game and don't ask anything in return except for what people think. and they take the critizim that people give them.

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It is supposed to come out on the 5th of November...it's the 6th here in Australia. It must be the 5th for you Americans, so lets see it 'come out'. :)


I will admit, he has made it look VERY believe-able on his website. If you see a comment from ACRAZYJAWA saying something like:


'i love ur mod relese soon mevsdarthmaul wuld rok a cnt wait relese pls relese pls',


It is from me. Just a test. :)

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When he wakes up, I can see what new excuse. Or, he may not even have one. Just another release date.


I know my message isn't there. He must have tracked my email adress from the other comments I put up about the illegal-ness of it all, and didn't put it up.


Edit: Then again, no other comments have been out up. He must be asleep.

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Looks like nothing yet, and the 5th has passed already around the world. Also your message isn't on the website either Johnpp.


Pretty much what i have expected, i was at a Bonfire party here in the UK on the 5th thinking what excuses he'll come up with next; it seems "Master Tit"....... [Arrghh!! Damn Typing Errors! :lol: I mean "Tim"] has forgotten the golden rule already, "Always Remember The 5th of November". :lol:


Oh, and this is just a little something that sums up this whole "mod" in it's entirety.

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heres another gem in case anyone reading this doesn't believe that he swindled money from folks. check out past updates, date 07-06-2006. the last comment is his. talking about reaching his money goal so he can get a new computer. talk about a mf-ing scam! lol poor people indeed. oh well time to stop wasting life on this and move on to honest folks.

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So you all think it is not gonna come out? Why?

Read through this thread and other old ones in here about kotf. There are numerous mentions in this thread that explain exactly why it is a con.


Look at the screenshots....

Those look great right?

Anyone can mock up screenshots, plus everything that is seen is taken from others work, barring his loading system which no one is sure how it works. Other people put a lot of hard work into the models and maps he shows off, so it's no wonder they look good.

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