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Knights of the force


What do you think about Knights of the Force?  

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  1. 1. What do you think about Knights of the Force?

    • Can't wait to see it!
    • The Ultimate Mod
    • Demo Pwns
    • Website is cool
    • I don't give a care on what other people say, Knights of the Force isn't fake.
    • Its a Hoax
    • It's never gonna release
    • Big Fake
    • Knights of the Force is a Hoax
    • Other

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You should run a boot time scan anyway, Echo, just to make sure. One of the reports was for a nasty little bugger that acts as a cloner. Spawner? Cloner? Er. One of the two.


Both are bad though. You know the saying, "'tis better to be safe than sorry".

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This is awesome! I come back after a few months away to check on my favourite scam and its all released.


All 1gb of original game material and 300mb of viruses!


Unfortunately every single little follower now has a computer transmitting login details, websites or something similar to Tim no doubts. If its not affecting peoples computer's directly but disables the firewall its something silent but deadly.


Tim has indeed created a cult. A cult of people who are too blind to turn away the mod and so will have his files adulterating all sorts of stuff on their computer.


You gotta hand it to him.

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