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Personal JKO server help/questions


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Recently I setup a JKO server running on my PC (not dedicated). I fwd'd the ports necessary so that a couple of friends could join in over my DSL connection (3Mbps down/384Kbps up). They were able to join without a problem. However, they constantly got a connection interrupted message and were dealing with severe lag. We were playing with the 2 of them, myself, and 7 bots.


I lowered the number of bots to 3 so that the game was than 3 vs 3 and that helped a little bit but they were still occasionally having that same problem. Does a dedicated server work better? I do have another PC I could run that on if that would help them. Are there any settings I can tweak to help those players coming in over the Net?


So you know, I have hosted an America's Army (AA) server with no problems. I've had 8 people on my LAN and up to 4 coming in over my DSL connection and no one had lag problems. This leads me to believe it's not my DSL connection but some setting or settings in the game. In my mind I imagine AA would require more resources in every way, including network/Internet, so JKO should run fine but I have seen this is not the case. Perhaps JKO, being older, is less efficient at running as a server over my DSL connection?


Let me know your ideas and thoughts. Thanks.

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