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Some interesting Telos discoveries I uncovered tonight.


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First I'd like to say sorry if this is the wrong forum... not sure where I would post this normally.


Now to the point. I had just gotten on Telos and on my way to getting my weapons back when I got to the spot where that one guy is staring off into the distance near the Telos authority place. Well I noticed Kreia was missing, so I clicked on her pic and she was down below that guy on the ground. So upon further exploration of the the entertainment module I found about 5 (possibly 6) walkable areas that I think may have been planned modules for more of Telos. The weirdest thing about one of the areas was that there is a female Republic Soldier down there. Very strange if you ask me.


Here are some screenies.















If you want me to explain how to get there I'll try and I'll take more screen caps of other areas I found.


EDIT: This topic is number 666 on the Taris Upper City Emporium! The sign of the Beast!



Mod note: Moved thread from Taris Upper City Emporium to Telos Tourist Bureau since it's not a mod release thread. :) ~M

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I just made it into that area, if someone wants to know how to get there, just put an NPC in that corner and run into him. Due to some awkward transition, when the NPC usually warps away to let you pass, you will be warped in these zones.


(credits go to GameBanshee for the map, BTW)


I don't think there was plot involved in these places. Just a background to see some droids floating here and there, showing signs of activity in the station. It's better than a wall, so they did that. As to why you got there, well, that's the usual awkward NPC warping thing, and fortunately there was this off-ground area near enough to be warped there.

I had some similar bug in K1 once. Juhani got warped on the hologram-base of the Shadow Lands' Star Map. That was quite fun, though I had no idea about how I was going to make her get down.

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IIRC, those are areas that Obsidian were planning and then cut from the game when the schedule was shortened, just as a few places on Nar Shaddaa that you can see on your map but never enter. Not sure if Team Gizka or Team Exile are restoring any of them in their mods, though...

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Would it be possible to somehow use these areas for future mods? Not that I can think of anything to use them for, but I'm sure they could be usable if possible.


It's possible, but because there's no pad leading to it, you'd have to warp your PC to that part of the area, and then warp them back to the higher level, otherwise they'd be stuck, obviously. But it can be done.


Not sure if Team Gizka or Team Exile are restoring any of them in their mods, though...


Team Gizka restores the unaccessible rooms on Nar Shaddaa, but not that (small) part of Telos. There's not really anything to restore really.

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One possibility might be that the republic solider down there was meant to be used in some scene in the areas you can access and she was just down there because they had no other place to put her since there was no scene. Ive done that trick where ive gone into inacessible places and found people that were used in cutscenes for things but just got placed in out of the way areas when not in use. I think this inacessible area while it might have been planned for something was more than likely just placed there for asthetic purposes so there was more life to the place and so it looked bigger and more expansive than it is.

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