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My "eaw" 2


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Wel lets start off...not EMPIRE at war...but more of a spinoff


Star Wars Galaxy At war.


right people here are being kindoff narowminded (no offence intended) right i see posts "ooh make it Clone wars ooh republic at war" and "hmm Yuuzhan Vong", "ooh Jedi civil war"


right my idea..anyone here played star trek legacy? crappy game unless modded (what i do), BUT its got it all all 3 eras right..my thought..works with star TREK then itl DEFINENTLY work with star WARS...


right 3 maybe 4 eras


- Jedi Civil war, play with all ships from the KotOR series and more (thought up)

- Clone wars, Play with..ahh i dont have to tell you...

- Galactic Civil war, See above

- Yuuzhan Vong, dunno much about this really




Keep the galactic map right..only add more stuff to it..like black holes or Nebulas more interesting stuff.

BRING BACK RANDOM MISSIONS IN GQ that was good adds a little story to it makes it more fun...also when your fleet gets DAMAGED severly during combat it isnt magicly healed..but you have to heal it at a repair station which will take a glactic day

Right space..space space space..it needs to change..it needs to be BIGGER bigger maps on that one..and more stations..and more customization to it...like ground




System X has:

- Golan 3 Defence Platform + 50% defence

- Light turret Defence grid + 20% defence

- Shipyard - during battle ships can repair here


System Y has:

- XQ 2 Trading Station + 1000 Credits Income per day

- Golan 1 Defence Platform + 30% Defence

- Fleet Repair Yard - Mutli Ship repair yard for battles


System Z has:

- Private Corporation Base + random ammount of credits per day

- Casino + Lots of Income per day but can lose money

- XQ 3 Trading Station + 1500 Credits Per day


You can add ALLOT of variaty in the battles with this


Galactic Map stuff


- Trading Ships to earn money, meaning when you have 2 trading stations you can buy cargo ships which can ferry in between to earn cash..downside..going through certain systems can cost you your ship (pirates).

- More factions (non playable) Pirates, Private Compagnies, Smuggles, Rouge ships, CIVILIANS

- 3 playable factions (like in eaw same thing blah blah)

- The ability to "hire" Companies to earn more money

- Il post more later


Land battles


- Fixed ammount of reinforcements per map (like space)

- allow aircraft on land battles in a limited form

- More open terrain

- bigger maps (mutlitple city)

- Air Troop transports (LAAT/i , Sentinal Shuttle)

- Tank troop transport (LAAT/c, At At Barge)


Space ship changes

- Rebel ships ALSO HAVE HANGERS...*sight*

- All ships dont start out with fighter squadrons you PUT THEM THERE



Player X (empire)Prefers a balanced fighter fleet and purchases a Victory I class Stardestroyer and then purchases 2 Tie fighter Squadrons and 1 Assault gunboat squadron player X then drags these to the VSD and lets them dock there...


Player Y (also Empire) prefers Fast Fighters so her also gets a VSD and gets 1 2 tie interceptor Squadrons and 1 tie phantom squadron and buts them in the VSD


this can make battles way more intresting cause you dont know what the otehr player/AI will throw at you.


ive got some more stuff thats il post later i hope youl all enjoy/addon

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