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Since this part of the forum seems to be related to FanFics, I'm not sure if this is the right place for my question, but I didn't find a better one...


So, could anyone help me with the textures of Bastila's clothes (that orange Overall) and Yuthura Ban's face? I need them for 3D-FanArt.




I am going to make this a permanent sticky and will be placed in the Art Gallery subforum.


Also I am opening the thread up to ask any Fan Art questions. So if you have a question regarding textures or even down to the best pencil to use for Bastila's face, they can be asked and answered here. Enjoy--JM12

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I've been looking around for a while but I'm still not sure where I should post. Please don't blast me.


Anyway, I need help with my project which isn't fan art yet it isn't fan fiction yet it is both. It's a 3D graphic adventure bases in the KotOR universe starring original characters with some familiar faces showing up in later chapters. I've never written Star Wars fanfic before. I could use some help and advice.


I need someone who knows the characters well from the first and second games and knows a thing or two about good dialog. Knowing anything about art is optional. Just need to know if something looks good and makes sense to you. Anybody ought to be able to do that.


I'll need you to read over the comics themselves once I finish them but also read over the stories I make the comics from. Word of warning, I don't write full stories. They are mostly made up of dialog and stage directions. I just need to know if the story makes sense, the scenes are in order, if any additional scenes are needed, and if the dialog sounds good.


The stories are short and shouldn't take much time. Need someone who will get back to me as soon as possible because I work on these comics during every bit of free time I've got and don't want to waste any time waiting around.


Thank you!

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Yay! Help! :D


I do my comics in full 3D (not "3D glasses" 3D but 3D like Pixar movies and the new Clone Wars show) and it takes me about two or so weeks to do one chapter and there will be, hopefully, 12 chapters in all. You can both help, if you like. I need all the help I can get because I really want this to be good and improve myself over all.


I'll PM you both with more info...

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