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Modding PS2 server?


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Is there any way to mod the Ps2 servers? I've seen it done, and any info on it would be greatly appreciated, so far I've figured out how to remove the tanks from the rooms, but notihng else, info on how to do other things would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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how do u remove tanks!?


first of all answering for the topic yes you can do a lot of things for ps2 version i have deleted some command posts and deleted some barriers in my own server and it works! i have tested it now answering to your question how to remove tanks

you need a hex editor i have used xvi and hex workshop and i really recommend the last one but the xvi also works first you open the editor then open the .lvl (choose the map you want to mod and open it) to remove tanks (easy way) search for the vehicles in that map example:

i open hoth.lvl now i search for atat(delete the first atat) and ATAT (yes with capital letters delete the second atat) replace the name(if it says imp_inf_walk_atat replace it with 0000) then just replace the existing .lvl with the one you have moded and save now test the moded map in your server

NOTE: create a backup file in case you screw it up

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