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Stable versions?


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Mostly. There are a few crash issues left when certain things happen and a few bugs(which you probably wont find unless you know the system really well), but since 0.1.0 E, we have fixed alot of them. The next version of Enhnaced will be more balanced, less bugs and have fewer crash issues. I'm not sure how bug free Basic is, but I assume its alot more bug free than enhanced because it has so much less changed about it.


0.1.0 E is more than stable enough to play though. Just becareful about using forcefield and seekers at the same time (a bug we recently fixed we think). Too many of them might crash the server. Also theres an annoying respawn bug where you respawn without any weapons sometimes usually after a quick death or after you change saber models (a bug we're having a hard time finding). If this one happens, just go to your menu and click apply again or reselct your points and hit apply and then respawn. fixes it pretty much everytime. If it doesnt, 99 times out of 100, who ever is having the problem either didnt install right or has an old version of Enhanced.

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