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Kashyyk Platforms


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I dont know how many of you know about these but you see those platform, one is over CP 2 and the other is in the water, and the aren't attached to anything. well, ill tell you how to get to them.


(only possible as Dark trooper of jettrooper and you NEED the precision pistol!!))


Spawn at cp 3, go to the top of the ramp and face the platforms. Jet up to platform, switch to pistol and zoom in. The zoom isn't to hot but no one will hit you and you will be able to hit them.. it shoulnd't be hard.


for the one above cp 2, get in a speeder bike as a scout trooper and zoom up the tree onto the bridge or be a jet/dark trooper and jump on the big rocks at the base of the tree and then jetpack up and start pistol sniping away!


hope this help some people.

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