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Opening .menu files by using trigger_multiple


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I'm wondering if anyone has an idea of how to make so that when a trigger_multiple is used, a .menu pops up?


I've been looking around in g_trigger.c, and i *think* that I have to add it somewhere in void Touch_Multi( gentity_t *self, gentity_t *other, trace_t *trace ), but I dunno for sure exactly what I shall add.


I also looked in ui_shared.h and ui_shared.c, where the function menuDef_t *Menus_ActivateByName(const char *p) is defined, but I can't seem to #include the file in g_trigger.c or anything.


Suggestions, anyone? Maybe the RPG modders has a clue?

/me is noob... -_-

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You can't achieve this by a server modification only, sorry.


You would send something like trap_SendServerCommand(clientNumTouching, "openMenu menuNum");


in cg_servercmds.c you would intercept "openMenu" in CG_ServerCommand() similar to scl, but use a switch that determines the number to open certain menus. This will also require you to modify the UI to open a certain named menu then from which trap_OpenUIMenu can handle. See _UI_SetActiveMenu in ui_main.c for that.

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