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Moving the Force's emitting point

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Yo yo,

Does anyone have a clue on how to move the point from where the Force power effects emits? By default it's the *l_hand bolt on the playermodel, which I figured was located in cg_players.c, in the CG_Player(centity_t *cent) function (I think at about line 9217):


trap_G2API_GetBoltMatrix(cent->ghoul2, 0, ci->bolt_lhand, &lHandMatrix, cent->turAngles, cent->lerpOrigin, cg.time, cgs.gameModels, cent->modelScale);


So I played around with it and changed the ci->bolt_lhand part a bit, but what would I put in if I wanted the Force power effect to emit from a tag on a bolted model (like the *blade1 tag on the client's saber)?


Thanks in advance =)

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