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2 questions: staff break and hp/force pool size in SP

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can the staff break in single player? if so, is there any way to increase the chance of breaking or to get broken?

someone told me the saber staff break is not implemented in the game, but i dont believe this, why do we have in the original assets1.pk3 in the original dual_1.sab:

brokenSaber1 brokenstaff

brokenSaber2 brokenstaff

if the game dont use this at all?

i just would like to find out how to do anything about this in SP, maybe to refer to or use those commands or variables, which are not official or not documented or just not used, but still in the SP engine and its anything to do with the saber staff breaking or to be broken

any ideas how to figure this out?



i noticed in SP to change playermodel luke will give me 200 force power pool size, even when i change back to playermodel player, but this is so amateurish, is there any way to set the force pool size directly via cfg command?

ive discovered the handicap 100 sets the life point pool but I cant find a way in SP via consol/cfg commands to increase it above 100 or the command for the force pool change! please help!!!

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