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{EI} Recruiting to all!


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The Elite Imperialists or {EI} play multiplayer online for SWB1 on PS2. You must meet the following requirements:

Games Played: 25 minimum

Kills: 250 minimum (10 kills per game)

Living Streak: 500 minimum


I would suggest going to starwarsbattlefront.com and checking your stats in the community section in the SWB1 site.


Our mission is to destroy all traces of our enemies. We also want to recruit more members. I will have a small list right here to display the members. We will have ranks depending on when you join. Here they are:


Chief Commander- SWIFTKILLER456 (me)


Leiutenant(s)- N/A



Captain(s)- N/A



Colonel(s)- N/A







I would use this template to sign up:


Name on site:

Name on game:


Desired Rank:

Positions in Battle:

Stats: (go to http://www.lucasarts.com/games/swbattlefront/leaderboards_ps2.html for your stats)


When you get your rank you would put it like this: {EI}Pt.





CC= Chief Commander


Sign up Today! And have Fun

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