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looking for some old SP and MP maps


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I looking for two in particular that I remember playing years ago and I can't seem to locate them at Massassi or The CommandChamber. The SP map had 'Moldy Crow' in the title. Something like 'Tales From The Moldy Crow' or something like that. I believe Kyle was trying to locate the Crow was the plot of the map.


The MP map was set on a cramped spaceship. Lots of cool tight corridors and things and the play area was pretty small and well interconnected. I can't remember the name of the map at all. Both of these were really old maps made back in 1998 or so.


Anyway, Ive just come back to the fold because I relise that this is a very high quality game and has well stood the test of time and is still a ton of fun. Im enjoying all of these new addons particularly Birth and Tales of a Mercenary, Search for Leia, and Liberating Cloud City. Cloud City is especially breathtaking. Ive scoured Massassi and the Chamber pretty well grabbing the newer addons and the highly rated addons, but I would love more and I know there is more out there that's not on these two sites.


Can anyone here direct me towards a site that may have more or would be willing to upload them? I have MSN if you wouldnt mind sending any great stuff my way. Thanks

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