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Recruitable Kay - a KotOR Recruitment Mod


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Mac version is the problem. Some parts are simply incompatible and require TSLPatcher (.exe file) to work. Unfortunately, Mac's can't run .exe's without external resources, and even then, it will most likely not work since the Mac package is slightly different from the WIndows


Actually it's not. The problem is that the files are labelled as mp3 files (i.e. have an '.mp3' file extension) whereas they are actually Miles Sound Studio files (which uses a different compression ratio, and so on).


You can give a Miles Studio file an mp3 file extension - it's perfectly valid - but your audio player has to be ready to identify them as actually Miles format (which the audio player in the Mac version of KOTOR cannot - go figure).


Now for the funky part... it can recognise them and play them as Miles Studio files, if they have a '.wav' file-extension, instead (this is, incidentally, the reason why there are two entire copies of every sound file, for the original sound files in the game: they are actually exactly the same sound files, just with .wav and .mp3 file-extensions, respectively).


What this means, is that Mac users can just blanket-rename every one of the '.mp3' sound files in the Recruitable Kay mod, giving them '.wav' file extensions , instead, and they'll just play. Furthermore, because MasOS is Unix, you can do it from the command line, like this:


Go to your overrides folder. For OS X/Steam, for instance, this is:


cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Steam/SteamApps/Common/swkotor/Knights\ of\ the\ Old\ Republic.app/Contents/KOTOR\ Data/Override/


Then just rename every mp3 to wav:


for i in */*.mp3; do r="${i%.mp3}".wav; if [ ! -f $r ]; then cp $i $r; fi; done


Kay now talks.

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Thanks guys, yeah don't have a PC anymore, it got destroyed in a storm a few months back. A buddy got me a nvidia shield TV as a gift, so I'm playing Kotor on the android TV trying to mod it. .exe files are impossible to run on this thing. Reason I am looking for the manual install, almost got it working, all the NPC' s show up but I still have julhani and Kay doesn't appear to recruit on tatooine.

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