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Update Problems for KOTOR


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Hello, i'm using Star Wars The Best of PC version of kotor.


It runs fine, but when i upgrade it to version 1.03, it says wrong disk inserted. Now i'm guessing that is because the update is based off of the original version of the game.


Are there any workarounds for this problem? has anybody else had this problem?





EDIT:: Problem Solved

By Stevedroid on 12/07/07 06:38


All of the "Best of PC" games are already patched to the latest version. It wouldn't really make sense for them to put an old version on the disc.


The patch is only for the original single release of the game. By running the patch you basically replaced the game's executable with the original release version and now it's trying to look for the original CDs for the game, instead of the "Best of PC" DVD.

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