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Frame rate problem


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During my recent start up of kotor to try out all the new mods out i noticed some frame rate sudden drops they never go below 30 fps but everytime it happen it makes the game skip a bit (this happens about every few second or so depending on how much i change the camera veiw or move my character). This never happened to me before and their isnt much i can do about it have tried to lower my fps to around 30 fps (by puting on as many settings as i can along with putting Vsync on) to stop the drop in frame rate but i cant do that. I have also tryied to keep my settiongs on low but that has not worked either the drop keeps happening.


My specs are

Opteron 165 Dualcore 2.165 ghz (its overclocked by me) ( i have knoticed that my cpu is very high but this never seemed to happen to me before even with a worse cpu and gfx card)

Nvdia BFG 7950oc 256mb

Pc 3200 DDR 1 1024 mb of Ultra ram (One stick)

80 gb hard drive (dont kow the manufunturer)(It is mosly empty)

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