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Whats your fave style of lightsaber?

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I never understood the attraction to double bladed sabers. As a martial artist any Melee someone with reach is often going to have the advatage. But a "staff" saber makes no sense unless you can make the hilt invulerable to attacks, and lengthen it to about 2/3 of your hieght so you don't slice yourself when trying to reach your opponent. Otherwise you are dealing with a mainly defensive weapon.


A much better idea is a Duel wielding, or Dashido style with a Longblade about 3-4 feet in length as your main, and short blade 1 - 1/2 to 2 feet for close quarters fighting, or defense with your off hand. The "Massless" Lightsaber blade compliments with many asians styles of sword fighting.


But I sure would love to see a Wookiee Jedi using a "Claymore" lightsaber that is about 5 to 6 feet in length they are about the only ones that could pull off that style


Assume the blade of the lightsaber is extremely light, then there are many sensable possabilities.


1) A saber-with-a-staff is definitely a good design. Think of it as a polearm type of weapon. Obviously you can make the staff part resistant to saber cuts. On the side note, such long weapon means that you can add other entrapments on the other side, like a small physical vibroblade or a small blaster. As with RL long weaponary you may want a sidearm, like a short lblade(lightsaber or not) or at least some tough gauntlet for extra close range protection and combat. And then there is the idea of a collaspable staff/hilt idea... which would make extra short range effective.


2) Duel wield is well developed even RL. It doesn't have to be long and short blade either, two full length weapon is pretty ok too if you are nimble enough. Not spending time on this topic causer it is pretty much done to death already.


3) a Claymore style lightsaber is definitely possable. And really, just about any big jedi can use it effectively. Better idea would be having a variable length lightsaber, then you are all covered. On the flip side, a really fast and nimble little guy like yoda with a six footer would be deadly. Problem is that since nurman human martial arts would not cover those fields for obvious reasons so effectiveness can only be guessed.

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