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Listening to infernal music outside of the Infernal Machine!

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So you want to rip your legally obtained music from your legally obtained copy of Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine? Read on!


You'll need two programs for this: Conman and the Infernal Machine toolset.


To get the music, open the files CD1.GOB and CD2.GOB with Conman. The music is in the CND files found within the "ndy" directory of the GOB files. Extract all the CND files to the folder CNDExt that was created when you unzipped the toolset. Open the command prompt, navigate to that folder, and type "CNDExt *.cnd" minus the quotes.


The program will extract a bunch of WAV files to a sub directory called "sounds" and the files with the prefix "mus_" contain the music. Something that you'll notice is that CNDExt only extracts 201 MB of WAV files, while the CND files are over 500 MB in size. It's clear that it doesn't extract all WAVs, but I have no idea if any music files are a part of the unextracted ones.

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