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docile chuundar


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eh, I think that it is a bug. Try reloading the game and trying again, and if that doesn't really work reload and then try again using different dilogue options. That is reallty the only help that I would be able to give. Do you have the PC version of KotOR 1? If so, it could be from any mods that you have on the game.


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i dont know whats causing it, but when i finish up kashyyyk, at the final confrontation between zaalbar and chuundar, when i get through the conversation, the fight just doesnt start! i cant talk to anyone other than chuundar and if i do that, the conversation just starts over! help??


Sorry to ressurrect an old thread, but I'm having the same problem. And yep, I'm running the game with several mods for the first time. I've already re-started twice, changing my planet order, and I really like the mods I have, so I'd hate to start all over again... so has anyone diagnosed the problem here?


Note that I've confirmed I can take the Dark Side path, and side with Chuundar... but I really don't want to. ;)


Your help appreciated.


EDIT: I have KSE... perhaps I could alter the Global variables somehow... ? I'm searching for specifics on which variables to change, but no luck so far. Can anyone point me toward a reference on Globals?


EDIT: No luck editing variables, but I was able to resolve the issue by removing the 20 or so Zaalbar- or Kashyykk- related files in my Overrides folder. Hopefully this helps out somebody else...

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