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Extreme noob at kotor tool needs help...


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So i finally decided to get Kotor tool and make my own little mods... i've read a few tutorials and they were well done, but didn't seem to relate to exactly what i was tryign to do.


I'm trying to edit the file A_robe_01.uti

the editor comes up, and i can go to the properties of the item, but i can't change it's properties. the item is a basic piece of clothing, and it has 5% damage immunity vrs cold, energy, and slashing. I want to add soem more properties to it, such as beign fully upgradeable, soem complete immunties, arribute bonuses , regeneration bonuses, etc, etc.

how do i do this? I'm lost... sorry for the extreme noobishness...


If you want to know what i'm doing, i'm tryign to edit basic clothing to be super-strong because my character has jorran's appaerance and i happen to like jorran's clothing style more thna any other armor or robe or clothing...

(i like the rugged look it has, and i want to play though the game looking liek an old, wise, smuggler type guy)

When he has basic clothing on, his appearance doesn't change, but with armors and robes, it does... perhaps this is from mods i've gotten, i don't know, i just want to make super-armor-clothing that won't change my PC's appearance...


Edit: how the heck did this end up in the t3m4 astrometec forum... sorry for posting this thread in the wrong place...

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Go to the Properties tab and you will see a box with properties double click on the grey box at the beginning of the lines for one of the existing properties or the blank line below them and the windows where you can set or add them appears, add the property desired click update and repeat. ;)


Be sure to save the .uti file to override.

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So i've been playign aroudn with kotor tool since this, and i've foudn a new function. the ability to equip npcs at startup with different items... however, i am not able to equipp custom items to them... how do i do this? because the custom items tab is blank...


basically im tryign to change remote a bit...


also, i have one other queston: why can't i change handmaiden's appearance with the KSE?

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