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Noobie Questions: Mon Cal cruiser and Hans/Chewie

Darth Squirrell

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Noobie questions here - apols in advance to all you noobie haters!


I'm working my way through the rebel campaign. Just free'ed the wookies and am moving towards the pirates and the data on Atzerri bit. And I have two questions.


1) I can't wait to build a Mon Cal cruiser. However I've conquered both land and space for Mon Cal and Kuat, and I've built a level 5 space station on Kuat. R2 and C3PO have stolen all the level 4 tech apart from the cruiser. When I drag them to an Imperial planet the 'Steal' slot no longer appears. What gives? Do I have to wait until later in the story to have this technology?


2) After freeing the Wookies Hans just muttered something about being in it for the money and b***ered off. I had 6000 credits in the account at the time. Again what gives - do I have to wait to later in the story to be able to attract him?




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