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Questions about KOTOR Tool


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I am very new to modding and have downloaded KOTOR Tool. My questions are how to use the programs in it.


Main Program

I can extract the files and change a few of the properties.


Project Manager

Is this where you put all the files that relate to a single mod?


2DA File Editor

I'm not sure what this is and how to work with it.


Conversation Editor

From what I gather this is where you can create dialog conversations in the game. I can create new conversations but not with the equivelent properties of the original game.


Module Editor

This is where I can change what worlds look like from what I can tell or change the looks of characters and items.


Dialog.tlk Editor

I'm not sure on what the purpose of this is yet but I think I allows me to import my conversation files into the KOTOR I and II game.


Global Variable Editor

I'm not sure on how to work with this program


Text Editor

I'm not sure on how to work with this program


PWK/DWK Editor

I'm not sure on how to work with this program


SSF Editor

I'm not sure on how to work with this program


ERF/MOD Builder

I'm not sure on how to work with this program


I just need somebody to give details steps on how to use these programs. Also when you want to put a mod into the game, do you put the file into the "Override" file in the game file. How do you tell the game to use this file to replace another file?

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To best start answering your questions I would recomend that you take a look at the various tutorial subforums that we have to get a better feel for each of the file types.


To start it off General Tutorials + Tools should be your first section to browse and really get a feel for. The sticky in this subforum by Darth333 Getting started with modding + List of Tools + downloads is the most important for answering your current questions.


I would highly recomend that you read through these sections prior to asking for further assistance as alot of these questions get answered in many different ways in these forums and threads. If there is something still confusing you after this we'll be glad to assist with that.


Also each of our forum sections have different functions. "Holowan Labs" -- for general modding questions, best for questions related to file formats and general "How do I's". "Taris Upper City Emporium" -- for mod releases and a place for the end user to provide feedback or ask question regarding a specific released mod. "T3-M4's Astromech Droid Center" -- for asking questions about a specific tool and how to use it or to report glitches with the tool. "KotOR Tool" -- for asking questions about problems with kotor tool or how to do something in there.


Alot of your above questions are better answered in regards to the file formats themselves but there are a couple that are more kotor tool specific. The more specific ones I will attempt to answer.


The Project Manager was/is an in development feature of kotor tool that is designed to make the process of building a large mod project easier when it comes to organizing the files and which files go in which folder.


The Module Editor is a tool that enables you to fully layout and put together an area module with placeables, creatures, and more. This tool also has some bugs and glitches and limitations.

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