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Starting with Revan's Appearance


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I am trying to change all of the beginning players such as the Male and Female Soldier, Scout, and Scoundrel to look like Darth Revan. My problem is that when the Bioware team made KOTOR, Revan didn’t have a standard head like Bastila. It varied throughout every single game played. If I don’t assign a “normalhead” in the appearance.2da file in KOTOR Tool, when I start a New Game I can see the appearance of Darth Revan but the face streaches out beyond the mask. This gives you glimpses of the face behind completely ruining the appearance. I was able to do what I want before but I changed a few properties and ended up deleting the file in the Override folder so I know it’s possible and now can’t remember how I did it. Help please and thank you.

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