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Spore coming Sept 7th

Negative Sun

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I don't buy into the hype of Spore being the 'best game ever', instead, I'm going to treat it as a stripped-down kidde-verison of Civilization. Which I always wanted to see, since Civilization is so complex. So, there ya go.

I know. They even talked about the "Civillization" phase of Spore. Doesn't get more blatent than that. But it's true that it has much more to offer than that-content pollination or whatever, creature creation, several stages. I think I will be buying this, so long as it runs on my terrible computer.

And will SOMEBODY tell me what IMO stands for! Intellectual Marmoset Organs? Interesting Magical Orbs? Or Integrated Multiphase Orbits?


THAT should get a response.

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