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In the spirit of true ranomness...


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I could tell you that, but then I would have to paint you blue and call you Nancy. I don't think anyone wants that...


:D Just kidding. My stepfather passed away and I moved mom in with me, essentially extending the senior care part of my life into unknown future. I now have six cats (and two strays who came with the house) which officially qualifies me as a *crazy cat man.* The recession has greatly benefited my weapons collection, with a lot of cool stuff coming up for sale. I now own a nineteenth century japanese wakizashi short sword, for example.


I haven't had a computer online in all this time...and I got along just fine without it, until I wanted to find a better job and discovered that most companies insist on your applying online. :dozey: Forty bucks a month just for this, but at least it means I can hang out once again with my Star Wars buddies here at Lucasforums.


Oh, yeah. :) Thanks for the veteran award, Lynkster. I blew it up, printed it out and taped it inside the living room window so the neighbors will know who they're messing with.

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Redwing! Happy howdy. How's it going, human?



Wally the Space dolphin has decided not to explain to the terrestrial zoomorphs that the basis of physical reality is mathematical and not solid as such an insight would reveal that their *world* is digital in nature, and an objective researcher would never contaminate the experimental results by allowing the experiment to know that it is such.


Pretzel? :max:

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