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As the team leader for Team Hutt, Sleheyron Restoration, I am proud to announce that Team Hutt and especially myself has managed to do: Well, here it is, the Sleheyron first module. There are no NPC's in it, and it's pretty bland so far, but you can see tangible progress to where this is going. Here's the link to DL, and a pic. First, in my rush to upload, there is no real readme, so here are instructions. Extract all the files except for sleh_m46ab.mod into override. Sleh_m46ab.mod goes in the modules folder. While ingame, warp to sleh_m46ab.


Credits are: Sithspecter


You must download both! The first is the stuff I forgot in the inital .zip. Sorry about that!




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The K1 restoration project only launched about a year ago sithspecter, so there is no need to imply that something they started last year never got completed and got dropped. Also unless an area is fully complete with all areas and fully populated with quests, merchants, NPC's and dialogs, and any other interactive features it is truly not done and should not be used as a basis to compare to another team at all. Most team projects keep all of there work private with occasional screenshots and then release a viable playable beta that has been integrated into the game that do not require warping before saying "Yeah!!! We did it, and so and so didn't get it done yet." type of comments.


Oh and a note at least one member of your sleheyron project was working on it with Team Jawa before they crashed. Not too mention there was no area modelling tool untill the end of last summer Aug/Sep timeframe Which is a tool developed by that team for the creation of area modules specifically for Sleheyron.


Now it is nice that you have begun this project and are creating your vision of sleheyron.

The areas do look nice.

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Thanks, guys. And in regard to Team Jawa, well, we couldn't have done it without their effort. Even thought the team crashed, a lot of good did come from their efforts, we now have KAurora editor, which allows us to edit modules. I was thinking about calling the team Jawa II, but since we're not a full restoration mod, we're not going to do that. But, to anyone who was on team Jawa, we'd appreciate it if you could help us with info and pics about Sleheyron!

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I was going to say soemthing about erecting a temple to guide the lost masses...but nah. I'll pass this time. :lol:


Back on topic, the fact this is being done is awesome. I couldn't even get my blasted custom saber to ever work right (well, it worked...at the expense of replacing the hilt for every short saber in the game...despite the fact my saber was a longsaber...), and you folks are building a planet. lol I seriously can't wait to play this planet on my next playthrough (I imagine I'll finish my current one before its ready. lol But thats ok, I'm waiting for the next installment of Brotherhood of Shadow too :D).


Edit: I haven't been much of a modder since Rogue Spear was released many years ago (my last attempt resulted in a defunt saber, as said above), but I used to beta test a lot of mods; if you need a tester I'd be quite willing to help. I've got a pretty beefy system, so hardware inadaquacies wouldn't be a problem. :D

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