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Who are the deepest Star Wars characters?

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In your opinion, which characters in the Star Wars universe are the most vivid and dynamic? Which ones have the most personality and depth to their character? They can be from any time period, and can be from the movies, the EU, or [maybe] even fan fiction (post a link to the fic, please!).


This is not another "Who's your favorite character" thread, but rather a query to see if Star Wars has very many interesting characters who are more than just cardboard cutouts. The character's appearance should have no bearing at all in this thread.

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Good question...


Well there are definately more than one of 'the deepest' characters for me. Eh, I would probably have top go with Obi-Wan Kenobi, because, if I do recall, he was in every single Star Wars movie. Another one would probably have to be... ah, and Han Solo for the personality part. I am sure that you know why...

I'll think of some more...

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Proof here: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Image:Sarlacc_Body.jpg


Palps has a lot of layers...


You mean like an Onion? Oh wait, thats an ogre. And layered does not always mean Deep.


I would think:

1) Ulic, Really interesting character Development with the While DS/LS journey.

2) Bane, and its still being developed.

3) Jade. she has red hair. Nice to see how her view changes over the years.

4) ObiWan probably.

5) Vos.


Luke... well, there is that little development with his brush to the DS and what not, but Luke is still the same, with a bit of maturity sinking in. Basically while his stories are numerous, her personal development is quite predictable. Its mostly just level grinding really.


Vader should be Deep, but the PT is done in such weak acting(and those scripts and lines he would say) that ruins it. Though I guess the development would continue.

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Lol @ Pouiy....


Got some nice examples here; are there any others?


If someone (read: me) doesn't know anything about Quinlan Vos or Mara Jade, where should they start? What book/comic should they read first?


Vos... I would recommend:


# Star Wars Republic: Emissaries to Malastare (First identified as Quinlan Vos)

# Star Wars Republic: Twilight

# Star Wars Republic: Infinity's End

# Heart of Fire

# Star Wars Republic: Darkness

# Star Wars Republic: The Stark Hyperspace War (Appears in flashback(s))

# Star Wars Republic: The Devaronian Version (Appears in flashback(s))

# Star Wars Republic: Rite of Passage

# Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones comic

# Star Wars Republic 49: Sacrifice

# Star Wars Republic 50: The Battle of Kamino (Appears in hologram)

# Jedi: Mace Windu

# Jedi: Shaak Ti

# Star Wars Republic 54: Double Blind

# Jedi: Aayla Secura (Appears in flashback(s))

# Jedi: Count Dooku

# Star Wars Republic 63: Striking from the Shadows

# Star Wars Republic: Show of Force

# Star Wars Republic 68: Armor

# Star Wars Republic: The Dreadnaughts of Rendili

# Star Wars Republic: Trackdown

# Labyrinth of Evil (Mentioned only)

# Star Wars Republic: The Siege of Saleucami

# Star Wars Dark Times 6: Parallels, Part 1

# Evasive Action: Reversal of Fortune (Mentioned only)

# Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (Mentioned only)

# Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith comic

# Star Wars Republic: The Hidden Enemy

# Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader (Mentioned only)

# Ghost (Possibly non-canonical appearance)

# Star Wars Legacy 17: Claws of the Dragon, Part 4 (Mentioned only)


Mara Jade...


# Sleight of Hand: The Tale of Mara Jade

# Mara Jade: By the Emperor's Hand

# Mara Jade: A Night on the Town

# Handoff

# "Statue" quo à Sluis Van" - Casus Belli 89

# "First Contact" - Star Wars Adventure Journal 1

# Heir to the Empire (First appearance)

# Dark Force Rising

# The Last Command

# "Retreat from Coruscant" - Star Wars Adventure Journal 7

# Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith

# Jedi Search (Mentioned only)

# Dark Apprentice

# Champions of the Force

# I, Jedi

# Children of the Jedi

# Darksaber

# The New Rebellion

# Jade Solitaire

# Before the Storm (Mentioned only)

# Ambush at Corellia

# Assault at Selonia

# Showdown at Centerpoint

# Specter of the Past

# Vision of the Future

# Star Wars: Union

# Judge's Call

# Survivor's Quest

# "The Crystal" - Star Wars Gamer 5

# Vector Prime

# Dark Tide I: Onslaught

# Dark Tide II: Ruin

# Agents of Chaos I: Hero's Trial

# Balance Point

# Edge of Victory I: Conquest

# Recovery

# Edge of Victory II: Rebirth

# Star by Star

# Dark Journey

# Enemy Lines I: Rebel Dream

# Enemy Lines II: Rebel Stand

# Traitor (Mentioned only)

# Destiny's Way

# Force Heretic I: Remnant

# Equals and Opposites (Mentioned only)

# Force Heretic II: Refugee

# Force Heretic III: Reunion

# The Final Prophecy

# The Unifying Force

# Dark Nest I: The Joiner King

# Dark Nest II: The Unseen Queen

# Dark Nest III: The Swarm War

# Betrayal

# Bloodlines

# Tempest

# Exile

# Sacrifice

# Inferno (Corpse)

# Fury (Mentioned only)

# Revelation (Appears as a ghost or a spirit)

# Invincible (Mentioned only)

# Star Wars Legacy 11: Ghosts, Part 1 (Appears as a hallucination)

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I think I'd go with Revan... being the natural leader and strong Jedi that he was, deciding to defy the Jedi council and fight the Mandalorians, and convincing half of the Jedi to follow him... then after being memory-wiped, turning back to the light side and ending the Sith rule by defeating his brutal former apprentice, Malak... all of that in itself qualifies him as deep, but the real kicker for me is leaving behind his love, Bastila, and the rest of the known galaxy to fight the "true Sith". He is also probably (perhaps outside of Admiral Thrawn) the most brilliant military leader in SW history.

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Also taking from legacy and NJO:

Anakin Solo - Before turning 20 found the secret of the Force and pulled off many things that the masters in the Legacy Era STILL cannot do.

Ben Skywalker - Not even finished with the Legacy Era yet, and I'd like to see him become the next Grand master by the age of 16. Very deep character who has already resisted the dark side, killed irrationally, and still gotten away with accusing Luke Skywalker of suicidal tendencies.

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