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It's not the years. It's the mileage

Black Knight of Keno

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First the Nazis, now the Soviets. When will the thrill end?


The movie is apparently taking place 19 years after the Last Crusade in the year 1957. After a nice hiatus from adventuring, Indy is whipped back into action to find the Crystal Skull, which is also wanted by Soviet agents.


Hilarity will no doubt ensue

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I'm still a bit dubious about this fourth outing, but if they've retained the humour and action of the others in the series I'll probably enjoy it.


When it comes to CGI effects, they work best when they're not obvious. Too many movies lose some of the immersion factor due to poorly realised CGI, or making characters do things that stretch the bounds of credibility. It's a bit jarring if you can point at the screen and say 'that's the CGI bit'. Sometimes less is more.


I do hope this will be the last movie in the series.

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Looks good.


Guess I should finally get around to watching the first three >.> <.<



o.O How have you never seen any Indiana Jones movies? Thats like on the same level as never seeing any Star Wars movies. I can't believe such people even exist.
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I saw it last night as well. I really liked it but it usually takes a bit for the imperfections of movies I think I will like going in to sink in. Raiders is still my favorite, I can say that much. Some of the lines weren't the greatest, and

the whole alien thing was a bit weird.

I'll still probably see it again.

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Is that correct phrasing and such at all? Looks like there's a ton of spelling errors and assorted grammatical cruelties in there. :confused:
It is. Is the confusion coming from subject verb agreement? The subject isn't a person--it's a brand with multiple movies. Think of it as "have never seen any movies." Also note that "have seen" is just a different conjugation of "to see" (as compared to "saw").

Saw it last night. It was OK, but the writing was pretty bad at times.
The writing is just as corny as the other movies. I think a lot of people have fuzzy, nostalgic memories of the movies. My girlfriend made me watch the original three last month because she is that way. Parts of them were physically painful to watch.
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That movie had George Lucas written all over it.......... I'm so mad I wish that movie was never made.

Yeah, like the entire sequence with



Shia Leboeuf and Cate Blanchett fencing on the cars, especially when he got all those sticks hitting his nads and when he started swinging through the trees with all the monkeys after him. I mean, what the hell? :/


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I hated this movie. I don't understand why


they chose aliens as the plot device instead of something religious. I guess they were going for more of a "modern myth" with this one, but I really didn't like the aliens. The scene with the flying saucer felt like something I'd expect from Stargate. I thought the CG, especially the aforementioned sword fight, was at times jarring; the lighting and bloom kept changing between shots. I enjoyed the opening sequence until Harrison Ford got in the refrigerator. Parts of the film throughout were decent, like the fight with the greasers and the subsequent motorcycle chase. It probably doesn't help that I don't like Shia LeBouf or greasers in general. I honestly wish they had gone a completely different direction with this and have the Russians find the Ark of the Covenant (anyone else notice it made an appearance?).



I guess I would give it two stars out of five. I don't like the movie, but it had a few redeeming scenes.

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I wrote up a blog review about this movie, I shall post it here. It has spoilers in it, so be warned.


Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of OMGWTF!?!?!?


So I'm sure many of you are aware of a new Indiana Jones movie that has recently been unleashed upon the unwitting masses. I myself have been anticipating this movie very much: I mean, it's not like George Lucas has ever taken a classic trilogy and very nearly ruined it by adding to it...


Despite my reservations, I figured we'd be ok here, I understood that the reason the Star Wars prequels had such horrendous dialog and included scenes that very much should have been cut was because George Lucas is George Lucas and nobody wanted to tell him no. But here, Steven Spielberg is involved, so I imagined he'd be able to keep things under control with a few well timed "NO! BAD GEORGE"'s. WARNING: There be spoilers ahead. Continue to read at your own risk.


Let me begin by saying that had this NOT been an Indiana Jones movie, I very possibly would not be writing a negative review of it. If you are able to distance yourself from the originals, you may not leave the theater feeling like somebody went back in time and punched childhood you right in the face.


Further, if you think Star Wars: Episode 1 is a good movie then you'll probably be happy, this movie had a VERY prequels feel to it. (Not a compliment)


Also, Harrison Ford is still Harrison Ford and he still kicks ass as Indiana Jones, even if he is almost a thousand years old. And I actually thought Shia Leboeuf's character was pretty good. The acting throughout was very acceptable, although the main antagonist was pretty (really) lame.


The most notable problems of this movie can be narrowed down to four specific parts. One involves an atomic bomb, one involves monkeys (and Tarzan style vine swinging), there is an issue with a car and a tree (which is the least offensive of the four) and the other is basically the ENTIRE ENDING.


If the three scenes were removed, and the ending rewritten, then I probably would have liked this movie. That's actually the most painful part, is that there were some parts of the movie that were very much Indiana Jones, and very much awesome, so it hurt even more when it was bad. (There are more rotten moments than the four I listed, they're just the ones that really stick out).


Overall I felt like I was on a roller coaster of agony. I was continually taunted with glimpses of joy and entertainment worthy of the name Dr. Jones, and as soon as I began to forget my earlier sorrows I was plummeted into greater depths of misery. George Lucas needs a new personal assistant to follow him at all times, and Falcon Punch him if he even MENTIONS Star Wars or Indiana Jones.


I am sure that some of you reading this disagree, and actually liked Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Killing my Soul, so feel free to explain how that is possible. (Perhaps you were actually watching Iron Man, and just got confused?)

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