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Simple request regarding Reborns and Shadow Troopers

Sir Vougalot

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My request is for Jedi Outcast. Could someone make a mod where all of the Reborns have lightsaber blades that match the colors of their outfits? I believe that that covers almost all of the blade colors, leaving only purple and yellow. These two remaining colors could be given to the shadow troopers. (I know from the npc_spawn cheat that there are two shadow troopers: shadowtrooper and shadowtrooper 2.


I wish something similar could be done with Jedi Academy, but I'd imagine that that may be a bit harder with so many Reborn variants: single sabers, duel sabers, and double-bladed sabers. I'd be content if this could be done with Outcast alone as red lightsabers feel very redundant after a while, especially when thinking back on the Dark Jedi in the original Jedi Knight, who wielded a wide variety of colored saber blades.

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