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New Fighting Style Idea


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I think it would be the most outstanding mod that I've come across yet. I think it would be great if you can click the left mouse button and use a weapon attack. If using a lightsaber or sword, you use a melee attack. If you're using a gun, you fire ammunition. The right mouse button allows you to use Force powers. Another key of some sort lets you throw grenades, possibly the scroll click. The only thing that you'd need is a ridicule marker to allow you to aim.


Another idea I had was to be able to jump. This could work through using Force Jump and making a distance marker to the maximum jump distance.


The feats Critical Strike, Power Strike, and flurry would be like a chain reaction. Click once in the sequence to activate a low hitting attack "Flurry", a second click in the sequence activates "Critical Strike", and the third click activates Power Strike. This sequence has to be done at the end of each attack to proceed onto the next feat.


The same works for the guns. First Rapid Shot, Sniper Shot, and then Power Shot.


I would like to start working on this but don't know what file section to look in for KOTOR Tool. Also is this even possible.

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