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a good bespin skybox?


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Wow cool thanks so much jedimike, please tell him i LOVE his levels so far, i am playing the ones i could find now. and they are first rate!!


Buffy, i need to ask about the skies, what happens if we put the file into our game? does that sky happen for every level or just certain ones? i do not know how to open the pack file or insert individual skies for individual levels yet :) thanks for any hints on that or a link to a tutorial if there is one on this.... do we need to use Radiant to open the pack and adjust the skies? yours are so beautiful. thanks again


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yes ,sorry,your right,buffy.hope i didnt upset you.if i did i beg your forgivness.


Im not upset you dont have to sorry


Im just glad you guy enjoy my skybox mod :lol:

and @ CrisG

SP amd MP using same skybox so if you replace by this mod

change SP Bespin sky too :D

I dont know how to change every each Bespin map's skybox

Texture name is code I think

Texture "bespin_bk" file is load when map is load

you can use this to open any pk3 file ;)



if change MP sky


SP change too

shot000046.jpg shot000119.jpg shot000415.jpg

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Buffy you are the BEST! JA is fine, i am playing/researching that one too along with all of the story based SW games from the beginning....thanks so much for spaceport, I just played through two more of May's levels last night and was up until 3:30 the time went so fast....they are beautifuly made and the lighting is masterful! thanks so much. I had better eat some dinner now, so i will have strength for the battle to come. thanks so much. and that MP level by monsoontide of the casino looked so neat i am dl that too. Luck i have 400 GB on my main game research compy or i would have run out of room long ago :) thanks so much.

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buffy,chrisg,you guys need to check out this new single player map,its fantastic!!!!

the first link is the thread here in lucasforums:


and the direct link to dld:



its really good!great use of a corsucant skybox and great cutscenes and it really surprised me .

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Eve of Redemption is fantastic some of the best work i have seen in a long time. I really enjoyed all the May maps btw AND was blown away by both takron-galtos which is loaded up now, and also Nemisis of Katarn, amazing work both of them....but now I have Eve of Redemption going on too....so much goodness:) Buffy can't wait to see Karrde's Lair when he is done. :) thanks for that linkey

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