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If some player says something on server like:

player: msg , then I wonder how can I do same thing with this.


if ( Q_stricmp (p, "!test") == 0 )


trap_SendServerCommand( ent, va("print \"^5:[ ^7%s ^5]:\n\"", GAMEVERSION ));



What I want is instead of showing msg in console then it'll show it on left bottom conner where it also shows players msgs.

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meh, so u want it like in JA where client's msgs are shown


ok to be honest i don't really know how that works because this is Jedi Outcast forum, not JA :p


what i would do is just use the say cmd, i really dont know how the "trap_sendservercommand" functions work to well but i THINK it would be something like


trap_SendConsoleCommand(EXEC_INSERT, va("say\"^5:[ ^7%s ^5]:\n\"", GAMEVERSION));


that would be the easy way i think :p

if u want to, u can try the JA coding section because theres more people who reply on that 1 than this 1... and i dont think they even look on this 1 anyway :p


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