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Incoming new version in 9001...9000...8999


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As far as our work on the new version goes, we're done save for the dual saber invulnerability bug. Stay tuned.








The new enhanceddlls.




Come to the new templars (tntclan) server and test some of these changes out with us before we do a really "big" release.




Known errors:

-firing animation for dual pistols

-dual pistols idle/run/walk stance

-FP bar dissappearance (reappears when you use it)

-one pistol in holster

-sentry can't be deployed (hack time problem?)


Note to self:

-raise speed when running without jetpack

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There have been numerous changes to most of the gun mechanics. As for Force powers, grip is now easier to use and allows you to force push, pull and saberthrow people while holding them. Use push with some caution as it can fling your enemy pretty far away.


Darth added dual pistols, of which the animations still need some smoothing. Ledge grab, falling physics and jump have all been smoothed out and fixed. Haven't been able to fix the dual saber invulnerability bug as far as I know, but we'll get there.


Loads of stuff has changed for the better and the only thing I can tell you really is to experiment.


You guys try out the version that we uploaded and tell us what you think and we'll be sure to fix it up even more, add some new anims and effects and give it back to you in even better condition.



sig and website have been updated.


Edit 2:

what the hell is up with my grammar lately?

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Yeah, grip is over nine f***** thousand right now. We won't spoil too much but the possibilities of it will be endless when it's been tweaked. Force Unleashed, suck it.




how about I upload and post some pics?


stand by....






I thought I took more but I can't find them.

Basically, the grip system is now much more incorporated into the JA physics system. We've developed a primitive Force Unleashed-styled Force manipulation system wherein Grip3 plays a central part.

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Rick Rolling, ok.


Rick Rolling my screen all over, and making it so I can't nagivate away isn't cool. Especially when I'm working. Don't do that again. :firemad:


THat link was a rickroll waiting to happen and thats why I didnt click on it. You should know better than that :xp:


But anyways yeah madcat, don't use that navigation blocking rickroll again. Darth did that to me and I had to restart my computer, and I still havent entirely forgiven him for that lol. If I was at work and this happened I would be furious. That had to have sucked, Razor :(


I'm deleting that part of that post just so it doesnt happen to anybody else at work. :p

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Even if you did manage to hit the exit button all you'd see was the lyrics split up in tons of messages, and since you cba click them all you hold the enter button and voila you just opened tens of windows more with more rolling. Sigh. :(

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hahahahaahaha oh dear


Guys stay tuned to this here little thread as we're about to upload a newer version and post the links of it here. It'll contain better effects, anims and an even cooler gripping system.


Okay... compiling and uploading..

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