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XWing & Tie-Figther Stuttering?


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I have installed the 95 versions of Xwing and Tie Fighter on my computer and my laptop.


Both have vista, and both have Nvidia GPU's, and both have the same drivers on them, 169.44, the recent beta release.


The laptop plays them fine, but on the computer both stutter whilst playing probably every 5-8 seconds, which comes across as poor frames rates.


My computer is


2.8 Dual Core AMD

Nvidia 8800GTX x 2 in SLI

2GB ram


The laptop is


1.5 Dual Core Intel

Nvidia 8600GM

2GB Ram


Any ideas?


Just as I was typing that post, I thought I would mess with th SLI. Setting Single GPU had no effect, which I had already tried, but disalbling SLI totally worked.

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