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The DoubleSaber and Force Unleashed

GOD Radu

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Some one help me with some stuff, for improving my JA mods, please!


DoubleBlade Saber Throw : I need a way to throw the Double Saber. I tried with the .sab file throwable = 1(or something like that) and it doest work. A script file would be good, or some tips where to code.


Force Unleashed : The same thing as before how do i script/code for increase Force Push/Pull, make Force Grip + Lightning/ThrowSaber/Push (eg. Grip enemy and then use Force Lightning a bit then Force Push to throw him away), Force Grip to multiple(radial) enemies.


How can I add anoughter level Force Power?


The ideea is to create level 4 or 5 Force Powers like this:

Push Lvl 4 : Push enemy in front very far and hard.

Push Lvl 5 : Push enemy radial at same power as lvl 4 (Force Wave)


Grip Lvl 4 : Grip enemy in front and allow only one extra power to use Lightning/Push/Throw

Grip Lvl 5 : Grip multiple enemy radial + all power usege. (I Grip 'em, the light 'em, then Saber 'em and then Push 'em real hard)


Make the Saber block the lightning for real like in the movies, with effects on the saber.



Sorry for my bad English!

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Trial and error system from ground up takes to long.

Come on, at least some pointers, please, so I can get a general idea of what is going on in source code.


The only reason I’m asking, is because I couldn’t find any tutorials to suit any my ideas.


Please help me cruel World!

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