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Application Failed to Initialize properly...


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I might post this problem again somewhere else, seeing as a brief review of this section does not bode well for prompt replies.


At any rate, I got the KOTORtool, and it installed just fine. But it refuses to start. When I try to manually start it, I get the Error message below


The Application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135) click on OK to terminate application


Like I said, a quick review of this section leads me to believe this has come up before, but no replies were in those threads that I read.

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Trying at this moment. Will let you know.


Hooray! You were correct.

Whoo Hoo! :elephant:


I'm so very rarely correct at technical help these days, I must be getting old.


Thanks for your help, and I'm sorry if my PM was rude in any way. I tend to let my irritation get the better of me at inopportune times.

No you weren't rude, trust me I have had rude PM's.


Either way I'm glad you got it sorted... :D


Now get to work making something! :whip1:

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