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[TSL] More of a challenge.

Wedge Suron

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Ok, I want to ask for a different mod. I requested this on another board, but lost track of the thread and later lost the Password to the account.


This is the request: I'd like a mod that does what Toughness does for VP to happen for FP but I want it to be a Jedi Guardian/Jedi Swordsmaster/Sith Marauder feat, but with compatibility for all prestiege classes. I don't want it to be a replacement mod, an addition. I want it to go along side the Toughness feat, Same availiability as it too. I want it like this.


LV's availiable and Names:


LV 4: Force Stability


Effect: Adds 2 points to your FP meter per level.


LV 8: Improved Force Stability



Force Stability


Effect: Adds 4 points to your FP meter per level, this replaces the 2 point bonus given by Force Stability.


LV 10: Master Force Stability




Force Stability.

Improved Force Stability.


Effect:Adds 6 points to your FP meter per level, this replaces the 4 point bonus given by Improved Force Stability.


Comments: I want this to be a mod that is for anyone. I want this also to be compatible with the Fast Feats mods. So anyone with it would be allowed to use it early if you wish.

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