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RPG and Academy + New Community


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Hi Everyone,


I'm Daisy, Part owner of RPG Outcry that has been around for a little while, and Owner of Justice Academy, A new Academy that me and my friend 'V' Started not long ago.


Basicly in Justice Academy, We like to train everyone that wants to learn more with a saber, To help them into developing diffrent technique's and skills that they can use in-game, and of coarse we are looking for some good players out there that are willing to help out in the new Academy.




RPG Outcry is just your average Role-playing Clan, Barly any diffrent to places like RPG Uni except it's less crowded, But we have alot of good roleplays and good storylines and Good Members, somtimes you get the odd one or 2 that can be a little anoying, But anyways, It's like that practicly everywhere you go.


So, RPG Outcry and Justice Academy are somewhat connected, Just not with Ranks and Tags etc..., They are basicly a strong alliance is possibly the best way to say it.


Also there is a community project that i am also working on where you will be able to talk about Jedi Academy or Other things, Post any projects you have going like Mods or skins and so on and many more once it get's going.

If anyone can make skins for a Invision Power Board, Would be useful, And would save me learning how to make it.


Also we do not have a server for Justice Academy, Only on Outcry, so When classes are going to take place, they will be on a server thats never used.


Anyways, With all that said, Here is the links to them 3:


RPG Outcry

Justice Academy

The Community


If anyone will be willing to help me with JA or Outcry or The Community or all for that matter, It would be really appreciated.


Many Thanks


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