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[FIN] [NSW-Fic] The Dreamed Memory

Ferc Kast

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He woke up, remembering all of his dream from the previous night. He saw her in an empty classroom. He couldn’t believe his eyes; Gradually, her face came closer to his. Holding her hand in his, he walked with her to another class. He thought back to when he first met her. How he had such great luck with him that day!

He remembered his joke upon their meeting: "The crazy one." He saw now how wrong he had been about her. They had parted paths for a decade. Yet at this moment, they were almost past being just friends.


"Amy," he started. "There’s something that I realized upon the day of our parting…"


Amy stopped and leaned her head on his shoulder, curious as to what he had to say. He looked around, stunned that he had gotten this far. His eyes looked to outside a window. There he saw a pair of blue birds flying in perfect harmony and two buildings that merged at one point into one building.


"Yes?" Amy asked, patiently.


He gathered all the courage that he could muster and all the strength that he could summon to his aid. It was time to end this situation.


"I felt a feeling that hid, even from myself, until we met again all these many months ago." He continued. "Upon recognizing it, I knew that you ought to be told. It was shocking to recognize it."

"What feeling did you feel?" Amy asked, hoping to end their conversation soon.

"It was love; True love, not love according to the world’s definition. I see now that it was not as hard as I imagined that it would be to tell you." He said, taking a big sigh.


Amy stared at him, hardly believing her ears.
Could he be meaning that these feelings were in the past or present? Or he could be meaning that these feelings were in both the past and the present?
Amy wondered to herself.


"I assume, then, that this feeling still resides within you? Or you just saying that it had existed in the past, but no longer?" Amy asked, trying to solve her confusion of the situation.

"This feeling does indeed still reside in myself. There is a question attached with this feeling. The question is: Will you be mine?" He asked.

"I…"Amy started to reply.


The dream had ended without her reply. He went to a dance that evening. Surprisingly, Amy was there in the hallway during the dance. She seemed content just sitting down for the moment.
‘Tis time to seize the day, as I did in the dream.
He thought to himself, as he approached her, slowly.


"Oh; Hi. I didn’t see you over there." Amy said, noticing him after a few moments.

"Hey. I just wanted to see how you’re doing." He said.

"I’m doing fine. Why did you want to know?" Amy asked.


"I…" he said, unable to express his feelings.


He walked outside for a moment to relax. Amy followed him outside, intent on listening to what he had to say. He turned and saw her beind him. Evidently, he had heard her footsteps keeping in time with his movements.


"So…? Why did you ask?" She persisted.

"No reason; I just was checking in on you." He insisted.

"The young man I know would not approach me, unless he had something to say or ask. Or has he changed without my knowledge?" Amy said, growing impatient of his hiding what he truly wished to tell or ask her.


He stared straight into her eyes. She was as beautiful as a rose upon blooming. He could not see a way to procrastinate in asking her now. The crickets, as if by cue, started to chirp. The wind howled, in expectation.

Everything seemed to pause for that moment as he thought of how to ask her. The moon shined on him as a spotlight shines forth on an actor to follow his action. As he started to ask, everything was as active as before.


"I was wondering if perhaps you would be interested in going out with me as…more than just friends? As my girlfriend?" He asked, finally admitting his feelings.


She saw that he truly loved her, though not minding the circumstances of it. The two sat down on a sidewalk. She put her head on his shoulder. He picked up on this sign, though not understanding if this meant
. He put his arm around her. She turned her head to see him face to face as she intended to reply...now; Now that she had considered everything that this encircled.


"You know that I…" She started to reply.


The End!!

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