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What Would You Do If?

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I'd use my mental intimidation powers and give it to the count of 10 to instill fear into the inanimate object to make it animate and do my bidding to escape the situation successfully. Because I'm Red Foreman. And my boot needs some exercise finding a landing up some hippie's ass.



WWYDI The party of dumbasses decided your empty pool was fit to party in with a keg...using my damn pump. :swear:

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I'd yell "F*CK NUT!" as many times as I could before death came for me.


WWYDI a couple of moron tenants in an apartment complex you own decided it was time to get rid of the fly and:

1) used all sorts of tools to do it, failed uttery,

2) crapped on the floor, brought in and dumped over garbage, gassed the area out, failed again,

3) broke a window and ended up bringing the whole swamp of flies in the house?

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