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ROFF scripting


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When dealing with BehavEd and scripting for JA, I found that sometimes not only .ibi scripts are used, bot also some .rof scripts as well. Of course one can make ibi in BehavEd, but .rof - that's is smth else. The only thing I know about them is that - they are somehow responsible for special animations of objects in game. E.g. they were used in JO on Nar Shaddaa - the camera move in the very beginning of this level.


A better example: Ravensclaw ship floating in the very beginning of artus_mine.bsp. Certainly ibi is used, but there is no doubt that somehow a .rof animation is used.


The problem is that I tried to make IBI that would use ROF (as it is done in original JO/JA scripts), but no object would work properly. It simply does what IBI says without any rof.


What might be the problem?

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