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adding effects and models to a map


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Hello there!

Im sure some of you know, that in JK3 its possible to add models & effects to a standardmap. The client dont need any plugin for that...

Im just trying that with jk2 and want to put it into my modified Version of DS-Online.


In the moment it only works with one model. See it with your own eyes at the Server ..................eXt


Now the reason why i post that here is, that i was a long time ago at a server which i saw that, too but with more than 1 model.

I know it was someone from Ca. (Just the Clantag) But i forgott the name and this time, he didnt want to tell me how he did that.

(He said its private stuff) But why? I hope he changed his mind and can tell me how he did it...


Like i said i allready putted one Model into the ffa_bespin map. If i add more i get stupid errors.


for JK2, Twitch :p

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