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10 Reasons Why You Need To See Kingdom of the Crystal Skull


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Well, as you might have guessed by some of my other posts, I love this movie! Here are 10 reasons that you have to see this movie if you haven't already!


1: It's Indiana Jones... - No other film series is as beloved as Indiana Jones (with the obvious exception of Star Wars)


2: Harrison Ford - He proves that he can still crack the whip and kick some serious @ss even at 60+. "It's not the year, it's the mileage."


3: High adventure - No other movie can compare to the action and adventure seen in Indiana Jones, and this one does not disappoint


4: Humor - The series never took itself completely seriously, and it's a credit to it's quality


5: Soundtrack - John Williams, the mastermind behind Star Wars and the other Indy films soundtracks has done an excellent job with the music in the new installment (be ready to hum it all day long).


6: Bad Dudes - With the Nazis long gone, a new sinister force is ready to try and take down Indy...can you say "comrade?"


7: Artifacts - With all of the movies, each artifact held a powerful secret. However, there were also real facts to back up each artifact, and this movie follows suit


8: Sidekicks - Indy always likes to take some people along with him in his adventures, and he takes a few interesting ones this time, and they each add something new and fun to the story


9: Same places, some new faces - A lot of locales that we have seen before are present in this movie and they definitely bring some nostalgic feelings back, but in the end, they help to add depth to the film.


10: Final Fight? - Let's face it, Harrison is getting older (shocked right?), and if not definitely, it's probable that this is the final Indiana Jones installment, so it may be your last time to see Indy theaters...


Well, I hope that this could convince at least some of you to go see the movie because it really is great to see the man in the hat back in action, and it is an exciting thrill ride most definitely. Enjoy!

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I loved it as well, I felt like it had the same overall feeling as the old ones. Seriously, don't take the movie for a serious movie, take it like you'd take the last 3 and i think you'll like it too.



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Okay, it'll never be as good as Raiders, but I still enjoyed every minute of it - they didn't try to make him do all of the stuff he used to be able to do, and where they did, he found out he's not as young as he used to be.


I also enjoyed all the nods to the older films. (I wonder what that gold chest was in Hangar 51? :lol:)


A brilliant film, and if it's going to be the last Indy film, then a good ending.

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^I don't know about #13...and I hope it's not true...I would love another Indy movie, but only if Harrison Ford was in the lead...I love Shia and mutt's character, but you know what, no Indy movie is really complete without Harrison in the lead...I hope they're smart and make another one with Harry in the lead or just dont make another at all...I'd be happy with KOTCS being the final one (of course, I'd love another one though!).

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Good evening from Canada!! I hope this finds you and yours well.


My name is Indy and, yes, I've named myself after our hero. I certainly agree with all that you said about Indy Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, especially your comments about Harrison.


Nobody, and I mean NOBODY can wear that fedora, crack that whip or use the old .45 like Harrison. I heard that there was talk about Shia in the forefront to start another generation of Indy, but no. If there is to be another movie with Shia in the forefront, Harrison HAS GOT TO BE in there somewhere--no two ways about it.


If this is to be Harrison's last film as Indy, he has gone out with a bang and not a whimper.


Gentlemen, I'd like to propose a toast--to Harrison Ford and Indiana Jones who not only gave us the most unforgettable character in motion picture history but also taught us that archaeology never had to be dull. May they reign in our hearts forever!!!




Sincerely yours always,



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Yeah, the addition of Russians was awesome (along with the comeback of the original Raiders of the Lost Ark girl). Some things I didn't understand...



Why was the temple a giant UFO?




How did Indy happen to stumble upon a nuclear test site? (I thought this scene was unrealistic and funny altogether)


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^As for ur 2nd "spoiler" (pretty sure everyone's seen it who wants to)...

He was escaping from his russian captors, and it is kind of seen in the movie that he was really just looking for a phone...he thoght it was a normal city.


Look, I understand people's problems with the scene in general (idc either way), but the entire series of films has outrageous moments...

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