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Extract from the NWN design document leaked


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Someone has posted the plot which was originally planned for BioWare's Neverwinter Nights. Rob Bartel has confirmed that the document is indeed genuine and is an extract from the game's design document but we have no word yet on the identity of the poster.


Each of the tutorials paints an idyllic view of the ‘ordinary world’ of pre-plague Neverwinter. It is a world of daily routines and comfortable stasis that gets suddenly interrupted by signs of danger (a priest’s dead body in the Druid/Ranger tutorial, death and flowers in the Cleric/Paladin tutorial, an evil eye in the kobold camp during the Fighter/Barbarian/Monk tutorial, etc). The idyllic ‘ordinary world’ is shattered and the player experiences his/her first taste of emotional loss (their commander in the Fighter/Barbarian/Monk tutorial, their brother in the Druid/Ranger tutorial, their fellow student in the Wizard/Sorcerer tutorial, etc). The plague is a ‘call to adventure,’ providing evidence of a greater evil to be found. With their comfortable routine disrupted and the threat of disaster ahead, the players take on the mantle of the Hero.


I haven't read the whole thing yet but the tutorial, at least, sounds better than that obscene 'Hero Academy' we got foisted on us.

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