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Problem. Capturing a Princess.


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On the level in which you must capture the Princess, I have a problem.

I play the level through and the Tantive will arrive. After Vader gives me permission I move my fleet out of the nebula and engage the rebels. I take out the Tantive's engines and use the tractor beam on it. As soon as the Tractor makes contact the Tantive, it will disappear, tere won't be a victory though, Instead the ships'll just flash every so often. I cleared out every hostile after this and still. Nothing.


Can somebody help, thank you.

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I have the same problem, it keeps flashing once the tractor beam hits Leia's ship. Game then slows down like mad, and there is no victory even with all Rebells dead for few hours.


Game is patched.

I'm using HP notebook Pavillion dv9780ew (Intel C2D @2,0Ghz, 2 GB RAM & GF8600M GS) with Windows Vista Home Premium and dx10.

After this bug occurs in the mission every save from this mission made after is corrupted, and causes the game to freeze while loading it.

Also it's the tractor beam in this mission only, since I had no problem when Moff Kalast used tractor beam on my ships nor when i use it on different ships in Capturing a Princess mission. Only ship that seems to trigger this is Leia's one.

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If you need some help, check out our Empireatwar.net website.


You can read this guide to help you in this mission.


Well, i don't have any problems with tactic but with the bug that occurs during this mission on my computer. Flashing screen and game freeze is not caused by tactic but by hardware/software glitch i believe.

But thanks for any response at all.

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