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Maciej Master

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Please create a mod that instead ithlorians the telos are Jedi but with others files utc


I think he wants the ithorians to be jedi without editing the utc. Maybe he has a mod that affects the ithorians already, and he wants to make them jedi too.

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"You *are* right HdVaderII".


My Oppinion: PM SithSpecter or others to do this, will take about 10 mins!


Let me give you a quick tip... Don't volunteer modders to do a job, they are perfectly capable of viewing Modding requests and saying yay or nay.


Consider this example;


Ok, sounds simple enough; but I can't do it, unfortunatly.


Best asking someone like Quanon.


Your in the modding requests forum, if you can't or don't want to do it, don't post in the thread especially when that post volunteers other modders such as Q and SS who I know are very busy doing other mods; quite frankly the above mod is not something to bother their calibre of modder with.


As for taking 10 minutes? Nah, I think this would take a fair bit longer, no point doing a shoddy job. Finally is there any need to be a grammar Nazi, to someone who clearly doesn't speak English as a first language?


EDIT: As I don't want to spam this request thread I shall edit in the following...


Firstly I will Quote from one of EW's posts from his link;


However, this is how mod requests work:

Someone asks for a mod.

Someone who can and will complete it, does.


It's neither relevant nor necessary for a third party to give updates as to why specific modders cannot help, especially since he was not involved nor did the OP ask about the three.




I totally and completely agree, if I may ask; if people have no intention of making (as in responding to) a request, or of requesting a mod; why are they posting in the forum?


Thanks, Jonathan.


No worries my friend :)

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Responding to EW
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I wasn't trying to sound like a jerk. Sorry if I was. I'm not that important here, but I was just giving advice.


On topic: If he doesn't want to edit the utc files, what should be done? Unless there's some godly script (got to love them) that does it, or changing some 2da files.

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I've deleted several off-topic posts in this thread.


Let me make a few things clear if they aren't already:


1. As the forum title says, the purpose of this forum is to post "modding requests"...therefore Maciej Master's request is at the right place.

2. We encourage modding discussions on the boards as they can benefit to the community in general. If all the modders would have been contacting each other by PM all the time instead of posting modding related questions on the boards, the Kotor modding community wouldn't even exist.

3. If you would like to comment on the usefulness of the forum or suggest changes, feel free to post your thoughts in the feedback forum but not here.

4. Try to stay on topic. If you have nothing relevant to say concerning the request, please refrain from posting.

5. Be courteous. Obviously, English isn't Maciej Master's mother tongue but I don't see how one cannot understand at least the general idea of his request. Mocking him for that is mean and childish and it will not be tolerated here.


But like I said, its a Habit, one that probably won't stop soon.

Wanna bet on that?




Now back on topic:


Editing .utc files is the solution. However, prior to doing so, you have to ensure that the files you want to edit are unique. Unfortunately the devs often re-use .utc files in KotOR and TSL and pack files using the same names but different contents in more than one module. The result is if you edit a non-unique utc file and drop it in your override folder, you will end up overwriting all the other .utc files with the same name...which can lead to some very annoying bugs such as this one: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=145328


Make sure to check if the .utc file is unique (it takes a few seconds to make the verificication with findrefs). If they are not unique, then, unpacking and repacking the module will likely be required.

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Please create a mod that instead ithlorians the telos are Jedi but with others files utc


I'll make modified.utc files, but I need to be sure what you want.


Do you want the Ithorians changed to look like Jedi?


Do you want all of them changed, or just some of them?

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OK, here's what I'm going to suggest. If I create unique .utc files for the Ithorians,* it will mess up the dialogs, spawn scripts, and "break" various other things. It will be much better to get existing jedi .utcs and give them the same names, tags, templates as the Ithorians.


Are there any particular jedi that you would like me to use? If not, I'll pick some out myself.


* Meaning files with new tags, etc.

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